I want to give you an example of good highlighting. I was talking with Luis last night and we were discussing a question about GFCI protection in the bathroom of a health care facility (we were not in the bathroom together hahaha). A question he had recently seen on his exam. He said the answers were

a) Shall be GFCI protected

b) Shall be arc fault protected

c) surge protected

d) he couldn't remember

I asked him if the answer was "none required" because I remember reading this article several weeks ago. Maybe I was studying with someone else I can't remember. I said let's go to the index and look up Health Care Facilities and GFCI.

I only had my 2011 book with me at the time. This book I use for some things but it's not the one I have recently highlighted but whatever let's just find the answer. We both immediately went to 517.20(A) and read the section. Well it was about 11pm and I was fatigued and ended up not even seeing the answer. I told him I would find it and get back to him I knew I had seen it somewhere.

Now fast forward to 5 am i quickly check my 2014 code book before leaving to work. I just went to section 517.20(A) again and what do know the highlighted answer caught my eye right in the next section 517.21

It just goes to show you that a little fatigue and pressure will make an easy answer you know you've read seem really hard to find.

My properly highlighted 2014 code book and knowing the phrase or subject I highlighted weeks ago made all the difference.

Jim Smith


AuthorJim Smith