I eat, breath, and sleep electrical exams. I'm just a guy who loves studying electrical code with other people. I have a Wife and two boys that I love dearly and I put Family first above everything, but a close second is helping people pass the Electricians license exam. 

When I started this site it was just a way to help an electrician friend of mine in Atlanta. I was trying to think of a way that I could give him all of the things that I had learned through getting my license in multiple states, and paying for multiple high dollar training courses. Passing and Failing several times and why I failed and just everything or anything that would help Him (Matt what's up take your test). He still hasn't taken his exam!

Well after a while people started finding the site, contacting me out of the blue and I guess I stumbled upon a real passion of mine. I try to make the site better every day. I hope you enjoy it.

Jim Smith