Future Box Fill Section

I ran into this gutter the other day and wanted to share my findings. I think we can use this to dig deep into Article 366 Auxiliary Gutters, Table 250.66 Grounding Electrode conductors, Table 250.122 Minimum Size Equipment Grounding conductor, Table 310.15(B)(3)(a) Adjustment factors for more than 3 current carrying conductors, and general workman like manners for splicing Service Entrance Conductors. 

This Auxiliary Gutter dimension's are 8'' x 8'' x 48''.

What is the cross-sectional area?

How many square inches is 20% of the cross-sectional area? Why is this important?

How many conduits can enter a gutter?

Surprise! One of the conductors from the gutter. This is one of the parallel legs from the transformer. I had to call the power company out on emergency to turn this off and fix it.

If you see something like this act quickly. Now that you know it will be your fault if something goes wrong.

To be continued. You can contact me if you have questions on gutters. Jim@NECtesting.com