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First thing click here to see your PSI exam bulletin as of 3/31/2015 

This bulletin has valuable information you need to study. I would say you can't pass any of these exams without memorizing it. You can carefully read the bulletin and e-mail me if you have any questions. Jim@NECtesting.com.

There is tons of great information here but I'm going to get right into it, and start with the Sample Questions provided on page 12 of the bulletin.

Example #1.. Green.  Yes you knew that. The ground wire is green. How did you find it? 

I went to the index of my 2011 NEC book and looked for ground wire. It wasn't there but while I was looking for ground wire I noticed Grounding conductors. A very short index for this one and it only took me a second or two to find "Identification, multiconductor cable 250.119".

Example #2.. Don't read the answer just find it. Quickly

Index: Gasoline dispensing leads to Motor fuel dispensing facilities. The question is about disconnects. Do you see disconnects? yes 514.11

I read Example #2 answers a, b, c, d, again to grasp what they are looking for in the question. I take note there are 3 paragraphs where the answer could be and begin to scan quickly for a keyword like simultaneously. Slow down now read on, word for word, yes answer D and move on.

Example #3 to be continued...