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Practice Electrical Exam Questions.

These quizzes go along with the Electrical Exam Study Guide. After reading a section like chapter 1 you will be instructed to take the General Knowledge quiz. The gold here is the feed back. I spend a lot of hours helping guys study and since I can not be with you, I have made notes for you to study when you get the wrong answer.

If you get the wrong answer you will be instructed on how to get the right answer (let yourself forget the wrong way you did it and capture the right way). I will give you the  keyword but I am not going to tell you to just go to Table 250.66 you will still need to search all answers out, and study the process. That said, sometime I do just give you the article to go to and highlight (time is money). If you want more calculation practice I recommend the DeWalt Electrical Exam Study guide. If you need the most complete breakdown of any particular article I recommend a Mike Holt search on you tube. Use your resources!

Listen! Some of these quizzes are only 3 questions right now. I'm doing the best I can but I put the questions up as I get them. Very fresh. Also I even put the questions up before the feedback so you will have them, it's coming, it's a process.

Thank you for understanding if you need help contact me directly Jim@NECtesting.com


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