Well my study guide is first on the list obviously but here is the breakdown.

Electrical Exam Academy Study Guide learn quickly how to answer electrician exam questions. Get comfortable with your NEC book and study recent exam questions from around the country. Highlight relevant keywords for quick associations. How do I know? I talk to guys taking exams from around the country.

If you want question, question, questions my students tell me the DeWalt Electrical Exam Study guide is the best. If you know from taking my electrician practice test what areas are giving you trouble then use this book for repetition in those areas.

If you want detailed information on every possible question then go with Mike Holt. Mike Holt is the man. Mike Holt videos on YouTube are very informative and could give you that Ah Ha moment that make you wrap your head around a problem. Just go to YouTube and search your question.


AuthorJim Smith