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How do you get an electrician's license? Google “your” State Electrical Board click on Journeyman Electrician. Click here for example

How many questions are on the Journeyman exam? 100 questions are on the exam and your bulletin from the testing facility breaks down the exam by NEC code category. click here to see a sample exam breakdown. (this is the thing full thing so read carefully and scroll way down)

What is the salary of a Journeyman Electrician? We are paid for our effort and our knowledge. If you commit to your trade there is no limit, if you don’t you’ll make between $18 and $35 non-union.

Message: Hey Jim this is Brian Thomas from Florida.. First off I would like to say thank you again for your help and quick support.. I tested for my MASTERS 3 weeks before I found your website and I failed the exam with a 65 percent.. I needed at 75 to pass.. I used your study guide just as you told me and learned the INDEX....BEST ADVICE by the way.. last Saturday I took the exam again and I passed with a 77 percent and I believe I owe you most of the credit for your study guide.. though it took a lot of work on my part as well... thank you again and I hope this helps you and others believe in your study we all strive to be awesome Electricians....

If you are looking for a study guide from an electrician who is in the trenches every day, helping and listening to guys who have recently tested, and helping guys study from around the country (at night).

You have arrived. Now click something and get started studying.

Study the essential NEC and stop wasting time. 

From newbie to seasoned vet, get ready and study hard.

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